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Trizo joins the West of England Aerospace Forum

25th August 2009

Trizo Limited has recently joined the West Of England Aerospace Forum, a membership trade association that champions and supports the interests of the aerospace and defence industry in the South West of England. The forum leads the sector in delivering national supply chain initiatives, which connect the SME community to the Prime Contractors within the aerospace industry.

WEAF collaborates with partners like UKTI to provide critical support services such as export and marketing opportunities at major international trade exhibitions, like Farnborough and Paris. It also enjoys close links with the MOD.

WEAF aims is to facilitate an environment where companies can improve their competitiveness and grow the industry. WEAF runs SC21 and Innovative Supply Chain programmes, networking and training events. It also actively encourages skills development and leads key Steering Groups within the aerospace and defence industry.

"Joining the forum will represent an excellent opportunity to network with similar SME companies within the Aerospace and Defence sectors; markets which are strategically important to the local region, as well as Trizo as a business moving forward" said Business Development Manager Greg Llewellyn.

For more information see www.weaf.co.uk

West Of England Aerospace Forum