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Automated Optical Inspection Investment

22nd October 2018

Manufacturing quality products is vital to Trizo Ltd. and our customers.  After long and careful consideration we are delighted to announce investment in a high level performance 3D Automated Optical Inspection technology to further ensure assemblies are manufactured to the highest quality.

The ALD625 i3D AOI will be another great asset for the inspection department, providing crucial detection of any quality defects early in production.  Apart from being quick and easy to programme offline, the unique features of the ALD625 i3D AOI are:

·         i3D Shadow Free Design: Telecentric lens and innovative design shadowing.

 ·         i3D Height Analysis: Converts the height of the object to image length and position.  Enables the detection of lifted leads and slightly tombstoned cold soldering on small chips. 

·         i3D Technology: The 3 CCD intellectual cameras determine the shape out of the 3D image. Comprehensive coverage 0 to 360 degrees around as well as 90 degrees up and down.

Michael Nicholson, Trizo's Managing Director said “Continually investing in new technology for the business will safeguard continued growth"

Trizo manufactures assemblies for a number of different industries including, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Nuclear and Industrial customers.  If you would like to discuss your projects with Trizo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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