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SMT ASSEMBLY - Trizo the 2013 Suppliers to Industry award holders

30th August 2013

Trizo Limited provide electronics manufacturing solutions for the Aerospace, Defence and Security sectors - Supplying anything from prototypes through to low, medium and large volume production requirements. Here at Trizo we pride ourselves in our SMT assembly from ultra-low to medium production capabilities. Our revolutionary solutions feature fully automated in-line stencil printing, ultra-fine pitch placement capabilities and state of the art multi-zone, infra-red reflow ovens and automatic optical inspection.

We are proud to announce we recently received the Suppliers Industry Award 2013. This award recognises our comprehensive services to the global defence and security sectors, including our fast turn-around times and the capability to offer bespoke solutions to organisations operating at the heart of the field.

Here at Trizo we represent a reliable, cost effective partner for many global clients, providing mission critical solutions for a variety of applications on time and, in some cases, at relatively short notice. We are constantly focused on providing the right cost effective solution to meet the demands of our customers. We are well situated to continue supporting our customers as well as new customers requiring our unique and dynamic approach to current & future industry requirements.

As leaders in the field we provide high end, mission critical solutions to the aerospace, defense, and covert security industries. Our company’s valuable range of services was born from involvement within the Aerospace. We are set apart from our competitors because of our fast turnaround times and operations that are delivered to the highest quality standards.

Our cutting edge, dynamic work here at Trizo means we are able to completely support our customers. An example of this is our SMT assembly which includes conventional PTH devices. We have developed a unique system for, allowing the manufacture of the complete product end to end to be completed within the strains of an SMT production line. With unique processes our SMT assembly can be fully automated for the high volume that is required for this mission critical product.

For more information about Trizo and our exceptional range of services visit our website today. Quality is an integral part of our business and along with our commitment to customers you can be sure you will receive the very best service.

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