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Trizo Purchases New X-Ray to Aid PCB Manufacture

28th September 2012

Phoenix X-Ray
Trizo Limited has further enhanced its 'Total Quality' methodology with the acquisition of a new Phoneix
X-Ray Machine, which will be commissioned during October 2012.
The Phoenix X-Ray features Highly-resolving, semi-automatic X-ray system dedicated to the inspection of printed circuit board assemblies, comprising open X-ray tube, full digital image acquisition and CNC.

It has comprehensive X-ray inspection software comprising image enhancement functions, measuring functions and CNC inspection programming for semi-automatic inspection

Michael Nicholson, Trizo's Managing Director.  said “The addition of this system will enhance Trizo’s quality commitment to customers as well as the continuous improvement and total quality methodologies within the business”  he went on to add "  this was another fantastic piece of machinary for Trizos portfolio. Trizo are now able to offer a further higher level of service to its customers. This is a true measure of Trizos continuos commitment to the highest quality standards"