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IPC Certification ensures quality work in PCB manufacture and design.

18th June 2012

Trizo our pleased to announce that their Production Manager has acheieved Certified IPC Trainer status.

Jonathan Dixon attended a 5 day intensive course through Advanced Rework Technology and has acheived the certification of Certified IPC Trainer.

Micahel Nicholson MD of Trizo said "This is another significant milestone in Trizo's onward improvement and gives the added assurance to Trizos customers that the highest workmanship is being undertaken on their products" he went on to add "that although Trizos staff were already IPC trained any new staff that  join the company now are able to be fully certified before commencing any work on customers products as well as maintaining the certification for all other employees"

IPC training and certification has immediate recognition, legitimacy and value throughout the global electronics industry.